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Barbara Hejslip interpretations

Hexagrams 1-30. Continued, see page «Barbara Hejslip interpretations (part 2)»

1 Force (qián). The Creative

This symbol consists of six lines. A kind, good sign. This hexagram man's, means month April and spring hopes. But be circumspect! Now you at top of mountain and while opportunities to go down at you are not present. Being above, be vigilant and judicious. Wait for large changes not later than in six months. Time favours to your undertakings. There is a known uncertainty at you in private life, it is necessary to bring in it clearness. Your desire will by all means be executed, if it reasonably and modestly. Someone resists to you but if you will be resolute and unshakable, you are expected with success. Test to which you undergo, you sustain.

2 Field (kūn). The Receptive

Gods have wakened mother-ground. It is necessary for you to work assiduously, and your efforts in two months will crown greater success. You are the person cultural and thirsting knowledge, with love concerning even to the smallest fruits of the work. You are respectful and adhered to mother. Now do not think too much of material benefit, do not give vent to greed. Your desire will be executed, though and not at once. In the near future it is not recommended to send to road - to any, with someone. In your circle soon there will be a person feeding for you strong interest.

3 Sprouting (zhūn). Difficulty at the Beginning

This hexagram represents one of the most unhappy combinations. All will fall from hands, not allowing result, for what you undertook. There is nothing how to wait more for an opportunity. Try to conduct the closed way of life, at least month three; it, certainly, at all does not mean, that during this period it is not necessary to think over carefully plans for the future. Be patient, listen to advice of the woman. But now about luck, about success in affairs cannot be and speeches.

4 Enveloping (méng). Youthful Folly

Now all around of you as is covered by a veil; but this veil will soon disappear, and the world again will get for you clearness. Now your nerves are strongly loosened, therefore try to not accept hasty decisions. Soon all will change. If wish to become successful - do not neglect councils of friends, the heads, ponder upon them. Give more time to dialogue with children. Do not despond. Already there are the new plans, new prospects, but for new love time has not come yet. Gather; also concentrate will on performance of the one and only desire.

5 Attending (xū). Waiting

Now time to wait and gather with forces, they will soon be necessary for you, and is very fast-when there will come spring, the snow will thaw, and flowers again will blossom. Haste and impatience in acts now can harm only. It is necessary to suffer still a little, month two, a certain person who will assist you yet is not how you and do not wait. And if you resolutely and vigorously will occupy in planning of the further actions the help and support will come even more quickly. You can feel an inclination to the person who is more senior than you. Try to find out the interest to him not too. If you will purposefully operate and circumspectly enough, your desire will be executed.

6 Arguing (sòng). Conflict

You feel disharmony. Becomes ripe any conflict. Try to behave it is constrained. Do not answer on challenged to you. It is not necessary to show too many requirements; also do not begin alone any enterprises until circumstances will not favour to you. Try to begin better work together with someone. Start up all goes the order, and you will understand, that vital problems sometimes can learn much, and not just deliver afflictions.

7 Leading (shī). The Army

Symbol of this hexagram - a conscious solitude. Now you as if the commander who considers forthcoming approach. Success accompanies you, but be attentive and cautious in a choice of allies. Let they become people, at which kind intentions. Probably, you will be visited by the unexpected visitor, or you receive unexpected news. Though you also had a dissonance with the close person, - but nevertheless you stay in a romantic condition of spirit. But all to you needs to be planned the future business more carefully and reasonably.

8 Grouping (bǐ). Holding Together

Now all worst already behind. But unresolved there were still some difficult problems. The success will accompany you, only if you will operate in cooperation with other people that is why do not avoid common causes, try to participate in them. It is not necessary to neglect and the duties. Be true to itself, in fact mutual understanding and respect as is necessary in relations between people loving each other, as well as between the teacher and the pupil. Listen to advice of the friends, and the heads; performance of your desires depends on this in many respects. Absolutely improper time for gamblings.

9 Small Accumulating (xiǎo chù). Small Taming

Yes, now to you do not accompany neither luck, nor success. But remember: night is the most dark before a dawn. You in confusion, you now do not own conditions, but it soon will pass. Events which everyone will change to the best are already close. Now you need to have patience and wait simply. Yes, you have got used to consider as the minion of fortune. You do not need to spend now itself for petty quarrels, try to not overtire on work. In three months the success in monetary affairs expects you.

10 Treading (lǚ). Treading (Conduct)

You should now to try leave in yourselves, to retire and think of yourselves, about the position. Your behaviour let will be underlined polite, is constrained-friendly. Very trite to you on advantage if in any way you show the respect for the heads. The greater pleasure will be delivered to you with unexpected event which soon will happen. For love affairs time not absolutely suitable. Women, be circumspect in a choice of new friends! Try to not show now big requirements by a life.

11 Pervading (tài). Peace

It is not necessary to forget the friends when the happiness has obviously a kind feeling to you and your career moves ahead. But at the same time not be thoughtless and negligent. If you want, that the luck and success accompanied you as it is possible longer, try to support with their successes in other areas. Your desire will be executed, but do not hurry up and do not try is artificial to accelerate a course of events. Now you, apparently, are inclined to squander money. Keep itself, do not overestimate the financial opportunities.

12 Obstruction (pǐ). Standstill

You are not indifferent to that happens around, much to you is not clear. To you the people unworthy you last. Try to be vigilant and provident, it is not necessary to begin now any serious affairs. You often do not understand; quarrel with one of your friends, and even without the sufficient bases is probable on that. Your desires in the majority will be executed, but not at once. The State of affairs will soon change; try to listen to advice of the heads, but decisions accept under own discretion.

13 Concording People (tóng rén). Fellowship

You will not get never in the bad company where you have gone. Be not afraid of the high purposes, enter safely struggle; and you will be supported by on whom you and do not count. You stay now in some anxiety and consequently are a little bit confused and are not assured. But has very soon put yours will go on the amendment. Your desire will be executed, if only you seriously enough will concern to the help of seniors offered to you.

14 Great Possessing (dà yǒu). Great Possession

The sun shines brightly. It means, that you feel yourselves absolutely free. It is possible to tell, that you are rich - and is material, and spiritually. For success in affairs it is necessary to concentrate the will and desires that during the given period is necessary. Also do not overlook an overall objective, remember it though now all develops quite favorably for you. Do not spray itself!

15 Humbling (qiān). Modesty

The dropped out snow up to the ground has inclined a branch of a tree; but soon all will be changed also it again will be straightened. Your circumstances are now moderately favorable. But you can become a master of the situation if show restraint. Failures including financial, give to your trouble. But it is not necessary to be anxious, all will be changed to the best. And financial business will recover. If not begin to neglect the help of others, your desire will be executed.

16 Providing-For (yù). Enthusiasm

Your sun already ascends; as long you waited success, and here now it is absolutely close. Now time has to different hobbies - do not take a great interest in them without a measure. The success will soon come to you; be ready to it. And in realization of your plans, and even in game you will be accompanied with success. In any way it is impossible to be petty and mercantile, going on a way of success. But also it is not necessary to spend more that receive. Wait a little - and your desires will be executed.

17 Following (suí)

Now not time to involve in itself supporters; you need to become stronger more likely on the positions. And if suddenly even your purposes will change be not receded from the principles. Do not pursue at once loud success and a large victory: be content while small, and it and will cause big. It is not necessary to go against the stream, and all will come in the order. It is very probable, that your desire will be executed, but be ready to big vital changes.

18 Corrupting (gǔ). Work on the Decayed

You need to analyze and estimate events especially carefully: you can become the participant of changes in another's private life. You should be a master of the situation. It becomes possible owing to your present condition. Can happen so, that you will lose the friend. From you shortly it is possible to wait for the most unexpected acts. You need to clear the relations with associates. They not by way of, and problems arising from this can interfere with execution of your desires.

19 Nearing (lín). Approach

You are expected with success in everything, for what you have undertaken now. And in the further circumstances that will be more favorable for you, than you will achieve greater success. Time when successes in the most different affairs are probable is necessary. Be resolute in achievement of the purpose, but do not forget and about friends: do not cause envy or insult, be cautious and circumspect. Obviously, you will be forced to change the relation to one of relatives to you people whom you very well know.

20 Viewing (guān). Contemplation

You should be to ready to probable and unexpected troubles. Try to consider and analyse a state of affairs easy and judiciously. Probably, that to you it will be necessary to replace a residence and work. Try anything important to not miss, you need to be now especially attentive. You can receive the help therefrom, whence least wait, for this purpose it is necessary to think over carefully only all the actions. Your desires will be executed, maybe, not so quickly as you would like. It is necessary for you to consider opportunities of realization of your plans well. Well, and if your business will go successfully do not forget to assist another.

21 Gnawing Bite (shì kè). Biting Through

Something torments you, you feel unfortunate. Try to undertake any new business, and your business will go better, and gradually diligent work will lead you to the big success. You are inclined to consider yourselves as a victim of injustice. But if you will constantly think of how such could happen,-it will not help business. All we make weight of mistakes; obviously, in what you were mistaken also. But try to not lose courage and learn the necessary lesson of that has happened. It is not necessary to despair, as just now circumstances favour to performance of your desire. Gather; remain are quiet and judicious.

22 Adorning (bì). Grace

This hexagram can be favorable only for the affairs concerning theatre. It means, that you have a propensity to hide the original face, and people surrounding you too behave not quite sincerely. Your love affairs are problematic enough now. But successes in other spheres are possible. Your desires will be executed, but is completely not fast. It is necessary to try to accept a life such as it is, and to study at it.

23 Stripping (bō). Splitting Apart

Main recesses expect you already in the near future. Probably, now someone talks scandal about you dismisses gossips. Therefore it is not necessary to be accepted now to any new business, you cannot get in awkward position. Your desires will be executed hardly later. Try to be circumspect and cautious in dialogue with representatives of other floor. Also it is not necessary to be lost if suddenly to be found out, that to the aid friends to count it is impossible.

24 Returning (fù). Return

You are upset now because consider, that have absolutely got confused. But all this not so is difficult for overcoming, as it seems to you, show only patience. And solving there will be for you some quite certain term - seven days, either seven weeks, or seven months. You really are before main recesses in destiny. It is a little patience - and all is formed. Try to save also a few money. It is useful to you.

25 Without Embroiling (wú wàng). Innocence

Unity of clearness and simplicity. It will be of use for you if you will put into practice worthy plans worthy means. Time of the maximum activity has not come yet. Be collected a few patiences. Wait, and the destiny will soon smile to you. Sometimes you happen are too anxious by love affairs, it is not necessary to worry, all your desires will be executed in the term.

26 Great Accumulating (dà chù). Great Taming

In your destiny there has come "pause", therefore do not trifle forces. Do not relax in alertness, wait for its ending, but do not exchange energy on trifles, soon of it there will be more pleasant and useful application. Your desires will be executed, if the height of their rod is installed truly, and is not too high. Those who has faced the problems similar to yours, will assist you. Be patient, do not try to accelerate force a course of events, the result can appear absolutely opposite.

27 Swallowing (yí). Mouth Corners

Try to look at itself from; whether it seems to you, what you speak too much and eat too much? It is not necessary to gossip about others, this you harm not only to them, but first of all to yourselves. Stop to complain about destiny. Now you do not need to see a doctor. In your life shortly there will be changes, to them be ready.

28 Great Exceeding (dà guò). Great Preponderance

You are happy, feel the happiness. But try to take itself in hands; your temperament can injure both another, and you most. Look at itself critically, and not be unduly self-confident; your judgements at present it is far not the most true. Do not try to become successful by means of force. Time will change all, it is necessary to constrain itself and to think over a state of affairs. Your desire cannot be executed quickly. Be correct, and do not offend the fervour of others.

29 Gorge (kǎn). The Abysmal Water

Do not lose courage, but it is one of four worst combinations. In your life there has come time of losses and defeats. The only thing that it is possible to make,-it to reduce up to a probable minimum number of strokes of bad luck. Have patience and wait, while the goddess of happiness again will award you of the sight. Through two, the greatest - in five months position will start to change for the better. For now you have enough time to occupy in scientific researches, reading, simply homework, which usually enough. Be not nervous, and keep calmness. It is the period when introspection and a sober estimation of position is much more important, than desperate struggle against destiny.

30 Radiance (lí). The Clinging

It seems to you, that all is perfectly, though actually it not so. More likely, you now meaningly deceive yourselves, being in a captivity of illusions. Listen to advice of the friend. You are inclined to entirely to rely on fate as the destiny at present has a kind feeling for you. This impression is deceptive, it can lead into error and cause to you serious damage. Your desires will be executed owing to intervention of the person is more senior than you. Probably, you are expected with large successes in the affairs connected with writing and intermediary. It is necessary to listen to that people speak.

Continued, see page «Barbara Hejslip interpretations (part 2)»