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I am glad to welcome you on a site, devoted to a great monument of the Chinese culture "Canon of Changes" (which is more known as "Book of Changes", "I Ching") and to the online divination based on it.

What is I Ching?

The I Ching or "Yì Jīng", also known as the Classic of Changes, Book of Changes and Zhouyi, is one of the oldest of the Chinese classic texts. The book contains a divination system comparable to Western geomancy or the West African Ifá system; in Western cultures and modern East Asia, it is still widely used for this purpose.

In China the “I Ching” had two different purposes. The first one was as a compendium of ancient cosmic principles. The second purpose was a divination based on the text. As a divination the “I Ching” text was used by fortunetellers and roadside oracles at markets and fairs. Mainly it was used for the illiterate peasants. The educated Confucian elite hold an entirely different opinion - the person’s future is a result of his personal virtues. The Confucian educated persons actually used I Ching as a work for divination quite rare. There are actually few references to the I Ching as a divination text in the works of the countless literati of ancient China. This situation is clarified by a great number observers of traditional Chinese society, such as S. Wells Williams “The Middle Kingdom”. Williams tells us about the “I Ching” :

”There are hundreds of fortuntellers in the streets of Chinese towns, and their answers (more or less founded on this cabala) to the questions of their perplexed clients indicate fortune-teller’s influence among the illiterate; while the scholars conceded divination to be futile.

(The Middle Kingdom, vol. 1, p. 632)

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upper trigram
Trigram qián. The Creative, Force Trigram duì. The Joyous, Open Trigram lí. The Clinging, Radiance Trigram zhèn. The Arousing, Shake Trigram xùn. The Gentle, Ground Trigram kǎn. The Abysmal, Gorge Trigram gèn. Keeping Still, Bound Trigram kūn. The Receptive, Field
lower trigramTrigram qián. The Creative, ForceForce (qián). The CreativeParting (guài). BreakthroughGreat Possessing (dà yǒu). Great PossessionGreat Invigorating (dà zhuàng). Great PowerSmall Accumulating (xiǎo chù). Small TamingAttending (xū). WaitingGreat Accumulating (dà chù). Great TamingPervading (tài). Peace
Trigram duì. The Joyous, OpenTreading (lǚ). Treading (Conduct)Open (duì). The JoyousPolarising (kuí). OppositionConverting The Maiden (guī mèi). The Marrying MaidenCentre Confirming (zhōng fú). Inner TruthArticulating (jié). LimitationDiminishing (sǔn). DecreaseNearing (lín). Approach
Trigram lí. The Clinging, RadianceConcording People (tóng rén). FellowshipSkinning (gé). RevolutionRadiance (lí). The ClingingAbounding (fēng). AbundanceDwelling People (jiā rén). The FamilyAlready Fording (jì jì). After CompletionAdorning (bì). GraceBrightness Hiding (míng yí). Darkening of the Light
Trigram zhèn. The Arousing, ShakeWithout Embroiling (wú wàng). InnocenceFollowing (suí)Gnawing Bite (shì kè). Biting ThroughShake (zhèn). ArousingAugmenting (yì). IncreaseSprouting (zhūn). Difficulty at the BeginningSwallowing (yí). Mouth CornersReturning (fù). Return
Trigram xùn. The Gentle, GroundCoupling (gòu). Coming to MeetGreat Exceeding (dà guò). Great PreponderanceHolding (dǐng). The CauldronPersevering (héng). DurationGround (xùn). The GentleWelling (jǐng). The WellCorrupting (gǔ). Work on the DecayedAscending (shēng). Pushing Upward
Trigram kǎn. The Abysmal, GorgeArguing (sòng). ConflictConfining (kùn). OppressionNot-Yet Fording (wèi jì). Before CompletionTaking-Apart (xiè). DeliveranceDispersing (huàn). DispersionGorge (kǎn). The Abysmal WaterEnveloping (méng). Youthful FollyLeading (shī). The Army
Trigram gèn. Keeping Still, BoundRetiring (dùn). RetreatConjoining (xián). InfluenceSojourning (lǚ). The WandererSmall Exceeding (xiǎo guò). Small PreponderanceInfiltrating (jiàn). DevelopmentLimping (jiǎn). ObstructionBound (gèn). The Keeping StillHumbling (qiān). Modesty
Trigram kūn. The Receptive, FieldObstruction (pǐ). StandstillClustering (cuì). Gathering TogetherProspering (jìn). ProgressProviding-For (yù). EnthusiasmViewing (guān). ContemplationGrouping (bǐ). Holding TogetherStripping (bō). Splitting ApartField (kūn). The Receptive

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