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Introduction to Book of Changes

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Introduction to Book of Changes

"I Ching" is one of the most important and respectful works of Chinese philosophers. A great number of philosophers and wise men have been dealing with aphorisms interpretation and analysis for almost three thousand years of the Book history. They have been forming it. Despite being re-read inside out it unveils new sides for each reader. The reason is simple: it contains no knowledge but a key to information.

Canon is a great tool of getting knowledge but, like any other tool, it presumes certain starting skill level. The texts below are aimed at helping you the necessary knowledge basis.

I Ching essential & Hexargam structure

Using of I Ching (Classic of Changes)

To get started with the «Book of Changes» it is necessary to get own «gua» (sign, hexagram). Although there are a lot of ways to get hexagrams, only three are the most wide-spread.

  • Over the net the most common is tossing coins without taking into consideration changing («old») features of «Yi Ching». It is very simple and suits for everyday use even in the most inappropriate for it places.
  • As for semi-classical coin method, it is an attempt of some compromise between Eastern divination as sacrament and Western as entertainment. Though there a simpler way of getting hexagrams is used, it allows as in classic divination to find an answer in «Book of Changes» in dynamic development.
  • Finally –«Canonical» (or classical) method using yarrow stalks. It is not an entertainment any more but it is a ritual that requires attention, concentration and time. Being more sacral and meditative, it has a more evident psychological influence.

And of course, nobody and nothing prevent you from thinking of your own method. Any countable subjects may serve as a source of getting hexagrams. Perhaps your method will be remote from canonical but it will be as efficient as any of above-mentioned. Or even more…

Necessary addition:

If the divination process as process of getting knowledge about future contradicts your beliefs, you should consider «Book of Changes» only as historical work with no mystic sense.

If reading and studying of the Book contradicts your religious views, you should leave the website immediately.

Accusations in any discrimination are not accepted.

Good luck!