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Welcome to I Ching!

I am glad you to welcome on a site, devoted to a great monument of the Chinese culture "Canon of Changes" (more known as "Book of Changes", "I Ching") and to the interactive guessings based on it.

I recommend you to visit "Site options" page, to avoid possible disappointment from the spent traffic. There you can not only change options schedules and a sound, but also to choose the authors of interpretation most interesting to you.

   Initially this site was planned as an entertaining resource. Therefore the first section, and the most colourful, is "Divination".
   Three kinds interactive, free-of-charge (and not demanding registration) guessings are presented to your attention there:
  • Modern divination
    The emulator of a guessing of this type is presented almost on all resources which offer the Book of Changes Internet-guessing.
  • Semiclassic divination (using coins)
    Visually almost completely repeats previous, but allows to receive developed (on time) the answer to an asked question.
  • Traditional divination (using stalks)
    The emulator of this type is unique. It most close reproduces process of an initial guessing. But it also borrows most of all time.
   All emulators of a guessing are author's and are executed on flash technology. For correct work demand the installed flash-player which can be downloaded on Macromedia site.
   Kind to you of predictions!

   But more volumetric (though it such also it was not assumed) is the section "Theory". First made only as help to the first, it has increased and now contains:
  • Introductions to I Ching
    A number of articles explaining on history I Ching and a little opening an essence of the guessing (or more correctly - readings) Books of Changes.
  • Divination methods
    Here it is more unwrapped techniques of reception of the hexagrams, used in emulators of guessings are described. As tables of hexagrams for interested persons here are placed to make an independent guessing.
  • Hexargams interpretations
    The initial text of I Ching, brought here, will allow will familiarize with the full list of aphorisms. As Wilhelm's comments and interpretation are completely brought.
   Certainly, the specified materials cannot open to the full all world of the Canon, but are quite sufficient for initial acquaintance. If you have the additional information which will find possible to share, I shall by all means place it here.
   Pleasant reading!

   And last, but not the least, section "Etcetera".
  • Site options
    Essential enough section on value. Allows to change set of tinctures on display of a site. I advise to visit it.
  • About...
    History of occurrence, becoming and existence of this site.
  • Contacts
    Though it also conflicts that I spoke in the previous versions of a site, but me interestingly your opinion on the project, your wishes and comments. Listed you can leave all in the guest book located in this section.
At present time this is everything, that can offer you this site. But all in fact only begins... :-)
   Thanks for the shown interest!