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Значения гексаграмм в интерпретации Хейслип

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31 Conjoining (xián). Influence

The luck and success should accompany now to you owing to that sincere condition in which you stay. You now " on a wave " success. Here - here there will be some the unexpected events very favorable for you, almost each your step will bring success. Results will be those, that you and do not imagine now; it will introduce rest and the world in your soul. However after all excitements and experiences you, probably, will need to leave for a short while from affairs and to have a rest.

32 Persevering (héng). Duration

It is not necessary to pursue two hares at once, being literally broken off on a part. keep endurance, and all to come to the end successfully for you. Be patient - and your desire will be executed. Try to understand the intentions and plans for the future properly now. However for new undertakings the moment not too suitable.

33 Retiring (dùn). Retreat

Try to constrain itself a little; believe, that you only will win from this. At present persistence and persistence will not bring any advantage. This hexagram is very favorable for interesting rest and entertainments; take advantage of this time to consider the plans for the future. However do not hasten to carry out them, the present period of uncertainty yet will not end. Use it for meditation, quiet contemplation and reflection is better.

34 Great Invigorating (dà zhuàng). Great Power

You too actively aspire to be beaten out forward; it is not necessary, it only harms to you. Think of associates you people. Remember, that it is impossible to construct the well-being on failures of others. It is not necessary anybody and anything to sacrifice to own ambition. Behave more modestly, more tactfully, and your desire will be executed. Try to find here "golden mean".

35 Prospering (jìn). Progress

Success already close. You not vainly counted on a recognition and respect, they by the right expect you. In the further you will be rewarded even more, than now. Safely and resolutely walk forward, rely on the happy star. Your desire will be executed not at once, but let it does not grieve you. You are waited with a meeting with the person which you very much for a long time did not see. Do not squander money, be little bit more economical; it very much will assist you with the future.

36 Brightness Hiding (míng yí). Darkening of the Light

The situation will very soon change. Therefore not be unduly self-confident, though you now and are accompanied with success. It is not necessary to be started up in love adventures, try to operate it is considered and it is provident. You have got used to consider as the minion of fortune, therefore and your acts can be misinterpreted. But do not worry, in the near future all will be changed, becomes on the places. It is not necessary to despair; but now your desires will not be executed. Be more economical.

37 Dwelling People (jiā rén). The Family

Success and success wait for you there where your soul aspires. Your hopes will come true, but not without assistance. Do not make a mistake, do not leave now the territory, differently it becomes very fast to you clearly, that it could not be done. Search for calm and the world in the home life, in house affairs, in dialogue with friends.

38 Polarising (kuí). Opposition

This hexagram speaks, that now your life is deprived harmony. It seems to you, as if all around carp at you, are set up aggressively. You are deduced from themselves even with the most insignificant events. Take itself in hands, be not nervous, position will soon change. Sympathizing people to you now to find difficultly. A certain woman gets on to you nerves. Supervise the words, acts, and be not accepted for what new. Those events, things which are now in a field of your interests, in practice at all does not correspond to your true desires.

39 Limping (jiǎn). Obstruction

Alas, but this one of the worst hexagrams. The more efforts you apply, the appear rejected back further. It is difficult to tell, why, but at present fate your destiny does not interest. Is better to plunge now into study, reading, scientific activity, it is simple in whirlpool of house affairs, and in them to find calm. Probably, that a little your friends will support to you. Try to track the charges: during this bad period you can remain without means.

40 Taking-Apart (xiè). Deliverance

You had to overcome the long period of anxiety and troubles. And here this period behind. Now it is necessary to gather and immediately to start to operate, differently it is possible to miss an opportunity to achieve brilliant results. A certain old desire will be executed, new - too, but hardly later. You will have new friends. If at you the trip, travel, - happy journey is planned! They will give to you only pleasure. The begun period is very favorable well to earn.

41 Diminishing (sǔn). Decrease

Be generous to people; in fact that you today give them, tomorrow the destiny will return to you with percent{interests}. Perhaps, now it seems to you, that you are unduly prodigal; do not think of this, do not fall up to commercialism, and you will generously rewarded. Time favours to considering of plans and intellectual activity. The majority of your desires will be executed, and you will collect much more, than sowed.

42 Augmenting (yì). Increase

Given time to favorably outstanding persons. But also for other people it also is fruitful. It will be carried out conceived, it will be paid made. And you can assist another. The certain business charged to you will turn back personal benefit for you. To you also are going to make the favourable offer. Your desire will be executed, not without the help of the higher person. There is an opportunity essentially to correct for the financial business, and in the near future.

43 Parting (guài). Breakthrough

During the present period you are successful, but there is an opportunity to make a mistake and to push away from itself those who usually assisted you, and all this from - for your own obstinacies. Be softer in relations with them, and try to go him towards. Quite probably, that during this period you grow fond of the person of whom now even do not think. It, certainly, will influence your further behaviour. Do not play gamblings.

44 Coupling (gòu). Coming to Meet

Look at itself from: whether enough you are constrained, tactful, tolerant? Concern attentively to changes in contacts to people and try to estimate their actions is less critical. Hardly it is possible to expect performance of desires and hopes. Be economical. Be internally prepared to that the unexpected events which are not promising to you anything favorable will soon follow.

45 Clustering (cuì). Gathering Together

This period is very favorable for you. All your business will crown success. A certain invisible force strengthens your relations with people, assists to find new friends and friends, to fasten contacts which in the further anyhow will appear favorable for you. Former works and efforts will be renumerated on merits. You are pursued by the woman, she aspires to block to you a way, to prevent to realization of your intentions, to interfere with your life. Despite of it, your desires will be executed.

46 Ascending (shēng). Pushing Upward

To what you so aspired also to that have given so many forces and energy, soon at last it will be executed, will give positive result. Remains very little, gather with forces and work it is a little more, as persistently and honesty, as before. Now to you is better to operate resolutely and safely, rather than to be hidden and passively to wait. Rely on intuition and common sense, and your desire then it will for certain be executed. Those ideas and ideas which now come to to you mind, most likely will bring to you success and in your financial affairs.

47 Confining (kùn). Oppression

Now for you time when it is not necessary to be accepted to something has come. This hexagram - one of four worst. It is necessary to wait some time, to put in order the ideas. Very probably, that the hand of the help to you will be stretched by the person whom you well know also which occupies high enough position; do not reject his advice. In fact now to you it is very poorly trusted in own forces. But circumstances will change for the better, and this period of bad luck will end.

48 Welling (jǐng). The Well

Probably, that your business go not absolutely smoothly. But even if it so, do not deny assistance to another. You are convinced subsequently, that it - is unique a correct image of actions. Be not afflicted, but now, probably, hardly it is possible to count that your abilities on advantage will be estimated and recognized by your heads. Certainly, you very much would like, that circumstances have changed, but hardly it is possible now. It concerns only your "global" desires and aspirations, less significant can will be executed and now. Despite of everything, your monetary business are not bad enough.

49 Skinning (gé). Revolution

All changes and the rearrangements happening around of you now, will end; yes so it is successful, that results will surpass all your expectations. You now are not assured of yourselves, but new prospects come nearer, and you again we shall find belief in. Probably, your plans will change, and you will go there where before and did not gather. Now to you very much carries in game.

50 Holding (dǐng). The Cauldron

This hexagram specifies that now there is all preconditions resolutely to incur a role of the leader to achieve positive results. There will be people who will envy your successes; do not pay attention to these people. Do not incur more, than can give, and do not promise it is more, than in a condition to execute. Strong influence on you and on your relations with associates the figure renders "three". Business to which you were accepted, together with two adherents, will lead you to success. Your desire will be executed, though and not absolutely how you initially conceived. Pay attention that you spend for entertainments and on a hobby too much.

51 Shake (zhèn). Arousing

Your success is close, but you have a contender, which makes all efforts to prevent it to reachto you. It is not necessary to be upset because of this; with quiet soul concede the positions because that you aspire to receive as necessary for you, in practice will appear absolutely another, not such as it was represented. In the near future in your environment there will be a unexpected and unpleasant event, but to you it nothing will injure. Now it is necessary for you to have a rest, distract, and to try to not be nervous that circumstances develop so, instead of differently. Do not despond, hardly later and to you the destiny will smile.

52 Bound (gèn). The Keeping Still

Now progress in affairs is very problematic. It is necessary for you to wait some time, and only then again to start to work; if you will plan a trip or travel, refuse them is better. Try to reconcile to circumstances and well consider the position before to undertake something. Do not despond. Difficulties and intrigues of ill-wishers you will overcome all, the victory will be for you, and is very fast. That desires were granted, now your efforts should be especially persevering.

53 Infiltrating (jiàn). Development

Moving forward, carefully think over each step and then success will not change to you and in the further. If, not giving in on arrangements, you not begin to advance event, the happiness and success will be your satellites. The turtle has less chances to come to finish of the first, than at a hare. You in the beginning of a long way. Financial business will recover, and the patience and judiciousness will be renumerated eventually by performance of desires.

54 Converting The Maiden (guī mèi). The Marrying Maiden

It is necessary for you always and in all to be cautious, especially in affairs love. Try to perceive all event easy and coolly, differently you can get in very unpleasant position. Execution of desires is delayed. It is not necessary vanities. Now for you such time when it is better to wait and think. And at the same time it is the period when incomes exceed charges. Any more behind mountains more positive stage, and the nearest weeks it is necessary to devote itself to its preparation.

55 Abounding (fēng). Abundance

Symbol of this hexagram - an autumn harvest, gathering of a rich crop. It means, that your happy star brightly shines your way. Your business go stably and successfully. Probably, in the future they will go even better. Remember, that you always need to be well informed about all events. Do not forget and about economy, try to save money gradually. This time is especially favorable for employment by an agriculture, and also art. However absolutely there is no confidence that your desires will be executed though now you are accompanied obviously with success.

56 Sojourning (lǚ). The Wanderer

Whether you know, what now there is all preconditions for success in affairs? If you plan to go abroad also it take place successfully. You are too ambitious, therefore you need to behave very circumspectly to not spoil relations with friends and fellow workers. Let your claims will not be too high also your desire will be executed. You very much experience and nervous in occasion of there is nobody unpleasant event. It is not necessary to think of this; forget and do not recollect.

57 Ground (xùn). The Gentle

At present to you not so - that simply to understand a state of affairs and it is reasonable to estimate it. But you too exaggerate, representing events. Try to follow on that way which to you will be specified by the person well knowing you; and it will be the best exit. In five months your destiny will change for the better. To eliminate obstacles in a way of performance of your desires the woman will help. At all do not allow to persuade now itself on such actions as which consider erroneous and unnecessary.

58 Open (duì). The Joyous

Already success hurries to you; and your suppressed mood will disappear without a trace. This hexagram concerns everything, that is connected with bodies of speech. Be careful badly to respond about associates, and do not disregard kind advice of the friend. Now very favorable period for everything, as to singing and trade. It is not necessary to be nervous in occasion of that you not in forces to change and correct. Keep calmness; happiness, success already on the approach.

59 Dispersing (huàn). Dispersion

The bright sun of success again ascends after the long period of failures. Everything to what you aspired, becomes possible. Very much can be, that you are expected with long travel. Try to not spend many money. Your business in every respect will go perfectly, and in the near future you will have a unexpected chance to become the leader. Your desire is already executed. And if you will be persevering and purposeful in the efforts - it will be executed entirely.

60 Articulating (jié). Limitation

Time of active actions has come. But remember: all efforts can ruin, if you will not be provident enough. To you a certain offer will be shortly made; do not hasten to accept it. Very much can be, that it at all so is attractive, as it seems at first sight. The same concerns and to your love and friendly connections. Real and reasonable your desires will be executed. This time does not approach for distant travel and trips. Also do not forget a proverb - do not dig to another a hole, itself in it you will get.

61 Centre Confirming (zhōng fú). Inner Truth

Now it is necessary for you to work in cooperation with others but in any way to one. You are inclined to overestimate the mental faculties; be careful of it, differently can become simply unrestrained and haughty arrogent man. And it can prevent to realization of your plans. Try to be more modest. Your desires will be executed only in the event that they are reasonable and fair. In the near future your opportunities and abilities on advantage will be estimated by the heads; it very much will assist you to promote on a way of success.

62 Small Exceeding (xiǎo guò). Small Preponderance

Probably, you will be disappointed in that person whom love, but it is not necessary to perceive all too tragically. It is necessary to tell, that you have missed that happy and best chance which would help execution of your desire. But soon will appear new. The given period suits for distant trips a little, but there is an opportunity considerably to correct for financial business. Do not waste the talents on trifles, do not give to them too much value, it never and nobody goes on advantage.

63 Already Fording (jì jì). After Completion

If suddenly you now with someone will quarrel, it is better to address to you to somebody to the third who could mediate between you. If you once have excelled - it is not necessary to give in to desire again to repeat it. Think of this: if will follow to this advice the award will be to you full realization of your desires. It is not necessary to throw now all forces on new business; it will not lead to success. Of what you dream and to what aspire - will be executed, but eventually, not at once.

64 Not-Yet Fording (wèi jì). Before Completion

Success is absolutely close; to it there are your business. But for active actions time has not come yet. Day by day circumstances will develop better if only you will be circumspect enough. Your desire will be executed in the near future. It is necessary to wait very little - and in a life there will come the happy, successful period.

Здесь представлены гексаграммы под номерами 31-64. Интерпретации гексаграмм 1-30 смотри на странице «Интерпретация Барбары Хейслип (часть 1)»