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64 pages for all 64 hexagram's meanings:
1 Force (qián). The Creative, 2 Field (kūn). The Receptive, 3 Sprouting (zhūn). Difficulty at the Beginning, 4 Enveloping (méng). Youthful Folly, 5 Attending (xū). Waiting, 6 Arguing (sòng). Conflict, 7 Leading (shī). The Army, 8 Grouping (bǐ). Holding Together, 9 Small Accumulating (xiǎo chù). Small Taming, 10 Treading (lǚ). Treading (Conduct), 11 Pervading (tài). Peace, 12 Obstruction (pǐ). Standstill, 13 Concording People (tóng rén). Fellowship, 14 Great Possessing (dà yǒu). Great Possession, 15 Humbling (qiān). Modesty, 16 Providing-For (yù). Enthusiasm, 17 Following (suí), 18 Corrupting (gǔ). Work on the Decayed, 19 Nearing (lín). Approach, 20 Viewing (guān). Contemplation, 21 Gnawing Bite (shì kè). Biting Through, 22 Adorning (bì). Grace, 23 Stripping (bō). Splitting Apart, 24 Returning (fù). Return, 25 Without Embroiling (wú wàng). Innocence, 26 Great Accumulating (dà chù). Great Taming, 27 Swallowing (yí). Mouth Corners, 28 Great Exceeding (dà guò). Great Preponderance, 29 Gorge (kǎn). The Abysmal Water, 30 Radiance (lí). The Clinging, 31 Conjoining (xián). Influence, 32 Persevering (héng). Duration, 33 Retiring (dùn). Retreat, 34 Great Invigorating (dà zhuàng). Great Power, 35 Prospering (jìn). Progress, 36 Brightness Hiding (míng yí). Darkening of the Light, 37 Dwelling People (jiā rén). The Family, 38 Polarising (kuí). Opposition, 39 Limping (jiǎn). Obstruction, 40 Taking-Apart (xiè). Deliverance, 41 Diminishing (sǔn). Decrease, 42 Augmenting (yì). Increase, 43 Parting (guài). Breakthrough, 44 Coupling (gòu). Coming to Meet, 45 Clustering (cuì). Gathering Together, 46 Ascending (shēng). Pushing Upward, 47 Confining (kùn). Oppression, 48 Welling (jǐng). The Well, 49 Skinning (gé). Revolution, 50 Holding (dǐng). The Cauldron, 51 Shake (zhèn). Arousing, 52 Bound (gèn). The Keeping Still, 53 Infiltrating (jiàn). Development, 54 Converting The Maiden (guī mèi). The Marrying Maiden, 55 Abounding (fēng). Abundance, 56 Sojourning (lǚ). The Wanderer, 57 Ground (xùn). The Gentle, 58 Open (duì). The Joyous, 59 Dispersing (huàn). Dispersion, 60 Articulating (jié). Limitation, 61 Centre Confirming (zhōng fú). Inner Truth, 62 Small Exceeding (xiǎo guò). Small Preponderance, 63 Already Fording (jì jì). After Completion, 64 Not-Yet Fording (wèi jì). Before Completion,

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If hexagram has «old» features, then any of 64 «old» hexagram can change to 63 «new» one, that gives 64*63=4032 pages more.

Their addresses look likehexagram_(first hexagram number)_to_hexagram_(second hexagram number) (ex.

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